WhatsApp OTP scam: How to protect your account

WhatsApp OTP scam

Scamsters have always found new ways to take over people’s accounts, and OTP is the most fool-proof way of scamming. So, here how can users stay safe with WhatsApp OTP scam.

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps across the world. And so many people are still using, for scammers and hackers is natural to target this. Most of the users make it easy for a hacker to hack because of carelessness. The easiest way for scammers to take over the account is through the OTP. The scammers using simple OTP to hack people’s accounts.

What is WhatsApp OTP scam?

When you set up WhatsApp on a new device, once the user registered their phone number, so WhatsApp sends a verification OTP code to the registered number, so with this OTP users be able to set up WhatsApp.

Users need to remember two things during set up – User need to put in their phone number to get that OTP from WhatsApp and the company is never going to send the user an OTP unless prompted.

Hackers and Scammers are using the OTP trick to hack accounts. They pretend to befriend or family and will get in touch with the user or any other social media platforms – and tell you that they have been logged out of their account and need help to get log-in again.

After in touch, they say that they are locked out of their account and unable to receive OTP on their number. So, you shall be receiving a WhatsApp OTP on their behalf that you should share with the hacker

After sharing the WhatsApp OTP with the hacker user will get logged out of their WhatsApp account and receive a message on the App that says “you have been logged out of this device and that your number is being used on another device for WhatsApp“.

In simple way hackers put your phone number on WhatsApp on another device and that’s why you receive a OTP. If you share the OTP with hackers you have been logged out to your account and hacker can take over your account.

What we do if this happens and How to avoid the scam?

If you have been hacked, firstly reset your WhatsApp and log in again with the same phone number during login you receive an OTP, after submitting the OTP you will again get full access to your account. With this trick, you can lock the hacker access.

Usually, WhatsApp never sends OTP unless prompted by you. So if you receive OTP without doing anything ignore them and don’t share with others. You should also activate two-factor authentication on WhatsApp.

If you receive any text messages and social media messages from a friend or family member call them and check if they need your help on this.



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