Pokemon Go ‘Go Beyond’ update November release

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go new update will be adding a new season, faster leveling up of players, and new Pokémon of Kalos region.

After 4 years of launch, Pokémon Go receiving its biggest update. In this update there are some changes in the level-up system, adding the Kalos region Pokemons, a new 12-days event, and more. The Go Beyond update will be rolled out from November 30 onwards.

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Players of level 40 will have the ability to jump to level 50 after the update. Players will now earn more XP from catching pokemon, evolving pokemon, registering pokemon, and hatching pokemon eggs. Some players can get double XP than what they get now. This should help players in increasing levels for Pokemon Go before the new update. Those players reach level 40 before December 31, 2020, they’ll earn the title of Legacy 40 trainer and get some exclusive rewards as well.

What’s new in Pokémon Go ‘Go Beyond’ update

The new season makes new experiences in-game. Every 3 months a new season will take over the game with more pokemon in the wild and this new season will also bring Mega Evolved pokemon. This also brings changes to Go Battle League Which will expand from 10 to 24 ranks, new rewards, and more. Pokemon Go also starting its 12 days of Friendship event. In the new season, players can discover new pokemon like Chepsin, Fennekin, Frokie, Fletchling, and their Evolutions. You can see the full list of Pokemons here.



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