Instagram: Tips and Tricks to become Master in Social Network


Everyone know that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. There is lot more than just posting photos and videos. You can use to edit photos and save them without posting, decorating your profile with special fonts, and much more. In this post we will show you some tips and tricks, that’s make you master in social networks.

Top Instagram tips and tricks

1. Save High-Resolution Photo

  • Open Instagram > tap your profile > tap the Profile logo icon > go to settings.
  • Now, tap Account > tap Original photos > turn on Save Original Photos.
  • Similarly, if you’re using Android, tap Account > tap Original Posts > turn on Save Original Posts.
  • From now, whatever you post will automatically saved locally on your device.
  • After enabling the suggested settings, put your phone on Airplane Mode.
  • Now open Instagram > Click + > add any photo. Go ahead and edit it. Keep going at the last page, skip adding location or caption.
  • So, because Airplane mode is on Instagram won’t able to post the photo but the edited photo automatically saved on your device gallery.
  • Now, before turning off Airplane mode make sure you delete the photo from Instagram, if you don’t delete the photo Instagram automatically post the photo when Airplane Mode is off.

2. Zoom In to Instagram Profile Pictures

To access a full size Instagram Profile picture, follow these following steps.

  • Visit and enter the account username of the person whose profile photo you want to access in full size.
  • Once you find the profile you were easily access the photo and also take screenshot to make a meme.

3. Enable/ Disable Comments on Posts

  • Open any of your Instagram post and tap the three dots icon in top right corner and tap turn off Commenting.
  • To turn off commenting even before you have shared the post, on the final page where you add caption or location there is an Advanced settings option. In this settings you will turn off Commenting.
  • To enable commenting, choose same Advanced settings option.

4. Schedule Instagram Posts

  • For Schedule posts you requires a business account. To create your normal account into a business account, open Instagram and go to the settings, after that go to Account in this you’ll see the option that lets you create a business account.
  • Note in business account your profile will be public because business account can’t be private.
  • Moving on Facebook App in this you can link your Facebook account with Instagram account, after this click on Create Post and click Instagram feed. Now, add the photo that you’d like to schedule. Add its location or caption, after this click the down arrow right next to publish, and select Schedule and enter time and date, after complete the Schedule process click Schedule.

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5. Post without Giving Access to Camera or Mic

  • Open Instagram in your smartphone browser.
  • Now, upload a photo simply click on + bottom > tap Photo Library > Choose photo, edit it > tap Next, write a caption, add your location or tag people > hit Share.
  • Similarly, if you want to post an IG story, simply go to Gallery and choose the video, click on Share option and than click on Instagram Stories.
  • Similarly, if you have an iPhone, go to Photos and choose the video. Open the Share Sheet and select Instagram. Fill the caption in iPhone users can get only caption option. Once done, hit OK share the post.

6. Customise Your Bio with Special Fonts

  • Go to the Instagram profile on a computers, you can use phone also but in computers the process make easier.
  • So, once you open the profile, hit Edit Profile and copy the name.
  • After this, visit
  • Over here, paste the text and edit the font style, once your edit is done again copy the edited text and paste it on your profile name.



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