Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers are affected by the Adrozek malware campaign

Adrozek malware
(Image source: Microsoft)

Microsoft Defender Research Team warned about the major malware campaign that affects all major browsers mostly in Asia and Europe worst hit.

The company has warned about the Adrozek malware campaign that’s affecting all popular web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. This malware injects fraudulent ads into search results and if a user clicks on the ads so the hacker can see the user’s personal information. According to a Microsoft report, this malware has been in circulation since May this year and was found across more than 30,000 devices per day.

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According to the Geological map shared by Microsoft Aisa & Europe region are the most affected region by Adrozek malware.

(Image source: Microsoft)

What is Adrozek and how to stop?

The Adrozek malware is capable of modifying browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge these three browsers are handled more than 70% of the market browser share. So huge amounts of devices are at risk here, across the world.

Microsoft Defender Research Team explained that this malware is distributed via 160 malicious domains or each domain host 17,300 distinct URLs at an average. All these domains hold thousands of unique malware samples and can bypass security tools that usually create such threats.

To protect ourself against Adrozek, we suggest that user do not download files from disreputable sources and use antivirus services for protection. If anyone thinks that they have been affected by malware so quickly uninstall the browser and then install it again.


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